Prince Ea
I’m A Renegade
I'm broke as fuck, so if I see you you gon' give me mine
And I ain't gotta grip the nine
Cause I stab haters holding mad paper, like picket signs
I spit shit you weren't meant to find
If you're content with your conditioned mind
You can listen to this shit over 20 times
And still not get the rhymes
Rhymes that'll twist your spines
Rhymes that will risk your life
Rhymes that you won't find in your syllabi's
The illest rhymes epitomize
Too bad they criticize, vilify and politicize
You want the truth? Well guess what you're just in time
Take a seat, raise your feet, I've just arrived
First things first, close your eyes
It should come as no surprise
In every way, we are polarized
For those that died, I'll remember their names
N***as sell their souls to darkness to live in the shade
I know everything you finna say, so put the pen away
Going up against Hemingway at center stage
I come from Christ time
To prove I'm divine, my pen got a stigmata when I write rhymes
So, you get knocked off
I'm hard enough to fuck a chick when my cock soft
And I don't care if you top charts or got floss
It ain't my fault you spit ugly like a fat bitch with her socks off
I shake hands and kiss babies
And I'm, harder than Weezy was, when he kissed baby
I'm noticing these dudes can't spit lately
I get crazy like if Slim Shady killed Haley
I'm Dick Cheney, how I'm fucking you up
Shoot you in the face and have YOU cover it up
Under the bus, fucked, is how I leave you rap groupies
(After I)Show you the Steel, like that bad Shaq movie
I'm Jack Ruby, kill you in front of the camera
Or damage ya with iambic pentameter
I ain't a fan of ya
If you ain't ever studied at the library of Alexandria
You amateurs
I'm not gonna lie dude
But I'm the real truth, like the books burned out of the bible
Disciples hear every verse I speak
They know I hold the key to the mercy seat
The blood that leaked was the birth of me
And even the church can see
A god in a man's body is what I'm cursed to be
And it occurred to me to take down the world elite
And burn the streets to the third degree
Ima teach you the knowledge that was forsaken
The biggest magic trick of all time? When God and Satan switched places
All evidence was erased then, indoctrination got you stuck in the matrix
Go back and read Adam and Eve a little bit
You really think ignorance is equivalent to bliss?
See, Christians want you to roll with it
Cause without knowledge, you in bondage, and that's the control system
I got mono-atomic gold lyrics, I glow with it
Dope spit, make you think a goddamit ghost did it
I pause time when I flow
Put me in a cypher with God and Jesus, I start outshining them both
The lines that I wrote will slap the Pope right in the throat
I got so nice with the flow you think I am a hoax
But my narratives are errorless
I got concepts you will never get
A n***a sick like the Tuskegee experiment
And I need me a therapist, because I spit raw heroin
You old n***as are embarassin'
Spending your last days at the Sheraton
Retirin' with Merrill Lynch
I can see it now, these freaking clowns will compare me with the terrorists
Pointing me out like, there he is, that's the guy against Americans
Revolution he encourages
Well it's imperative that we don't even let him live
Look man, I'm not even being arrogant
But they'll pull me, out my house at any time of the day
Say a, rhyme that I made is grounds for Guantanamo Bay
Call me a military combatant and I'm on my way
I know most of you n***as can't relate
And the government's amused and overjoyed
That you ain't getting what I'm spitting, too busy doing the Soulja Boy
And, I know shouldn't talk about the way they live
But FUCK Ay Bay Bay from the Bay Bay Kids
I don't even listen to the radio
If I saw one of you n***as in person you'd be like "don't taze me bro"
Lookin' at the game, a lot of shit's sad
N***as say they hot but they phony like the -hockey stick graphs-(?)
The truth is blurred and roughed up
You like Columbus. Reach the new world with dumb luck
We bound to fight like two squirrels, one nut
Prince Ea sicker than two girls, one cup
And, you can't trace the passion
My last life I was a, paid assassin with an asian accent
But now I'm here to save the masses
And you ain't got to look further than my deoxyribonucleic acid
Basically I'm supposed to teach this, I wrote the thesis
Don't believe it? Then see your dome in pieces
I'm so strategic, like the Priory of Sion
Cloning demons and holding the bones of Jesus
Belive it I spit facts that'll bury your boy
Real rap skills that contrary to yours
And the real reason I carry the heavenly sword
Is cause he who preaches peace must be ready for war