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"Swipe Scriptures"

(OBN Dev!)
Davie on my side, so I don't got to bring the strap
Bought an embosser started swiping
I don't ever got to trap
I'm outta breathe from paper chasing, I done ran a thousand laps
I done learned my lesson once, I'll never give a b*t*h my last

[Verse 1]
I had to get it on my own, 'cause they ain't never had my back
I'll make a band for every n***a, that was laughing in my past
These hating n***as said, I'll never make it now look where I'm at
And I got rich in just a year some, how your pockets is still flat
n***as really out here jealous that's a pu**y n***a trait
These rappers really out here telling they a goofy and a fake
I see you pocket watching n***a, trying to find out what I make
And if we smoked them, then we meant that we don't ever make mistakes

[Verse 2]
We will slide down and take a n***a's ice like we love to skate
n***as who don't like me they be broke, so I love the hate
I will scam a n***a give back to the homeless on another day
When they burn these methods I'll go and find another way
This b*t*h just called be broke, I paid a band to get her out the way
I can never a 9-to-5, I make that everyday
Flexing like he got it we gonna slide each and every way
That n***a sent his momma card, but I scammed him anyway
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