Nerdcore Rap Cypher lyrics

Connor Quest

[Verse 1: Adam Purski]
Comin' in with three shells, that's MK
One for your body and two for your headspace
Messin' with your mind like a Necromorph in Deadspace
Call of Duty: Zombies, now you're waiting for the next wave
Giving you the lines from the back of my head like Hitman
But don't mess with the drug if you never withstand
And my homie's have my back like a sick clan
Goin' at 'em like a Little Mac with the quick hands
Punch-Out! We can get in motherf**kin' brawls
Walking out the pub, G'd up like we have it all
Battle to the Royal every single fortnight
Whilе you're playing Fortnite in evеry little fort night
Oh yeah, that's how it's gotta be now
Mortal Kombat, I be raidin' with the beat now
So I wanna Pick at you, but I don't mean to bully now
Giving you the shocking rappin' when I go and geek out

[Verse 2: Mat4Yo]
Freestyle on you video gamers until you shiver and shaking making your frame rate freeze out
Ow, make you bang on the table and whistle into the cartridge you going straight up senile
Yea, we be woofing and barking up on your treehouse, make a Nintendog say meow
Leave now or you’re gonna get bodied by a maniacal multiplier in all out team style
Better make way for these space invaders
Gonna save the game from these fake haters
Gonna bring the Max Payne in
Decapitating till it rains Raymen
We’re off the charts like we’re Nathan Drake
Dressed in Metal Gear and Solid Snake skin
Party at my place so you can gaze at
The greatest haymaking Playstation

[Verse 3: NemRaps]
Face to face when I stand in front of a monster
Back to back like we on the cover of Contra
Pop a couple bullets in your vicinity, curving it like wanted
You gonna need to level up your armor
When it comes to rapping I am dedicated
Watch a couple movies, now they calling me a record breaker
Levitating to another level, never hesitate to
Tell anybody that they can pick up a controller, we can regulate it
Step back yo, the flow is awesome
You don't like the way I rap, you can blow the cartridge
You get eliminated for the loot, gimme all of that
I'm 'bout to snap, they callin me a Piranha Plant
Bro! Bars colder than a bag of ice
You ain't got a weapon, need to go and get some Malachite
Go! You ain't ready for the battle life
Seeing everything, Sauron on a satellite

[Verse 4: GameboyJones]
Yo, first of all yes I have a life
Matter fact, I got a couple, so I'm living twice
I know you wanna kick it in my Dojo
But you are not like I, so my answer is a no-no
They wanna call me Mister Fantastic
I'll f**k with your head like you took acid
When I jot down these lines on my thin phablet
Bruce Wayne on the track, 'bout to go bat sh*t
We on some, Capcom and Marvel sh*t
I'm marvelous, collab with some awesome kids
I don't drink, I ain't messing with that brown or that vodka
Bad at free throws, I don't wanna put a shot up
GTA's dog when I'm bringing in the choppa
Sounding like Biggie, who shot ya? Hey!
I'm looking at their skills and they kinda booty
I'mma take em all down like it's Call of Duty

[Verse 5: Toku Mei]
Youngest on the track, but no doubt my Justice
I’m a d**k to these Gray sons, Robins Gustus
Busting with a zapper better duck when I’m hunting
All you rappers better block when this Mac gets punching
I’m done f**king around this Mac D ain’t loving
You can get this Quarter Pounder, I ain’t even bluffing
Players wanna battle they ain’t even nothing
I’m spiking all these n***as off the platform summit
Dressed in all red when I come out the warp pipe
Better watch your Tail before I send you into flight
You don’t wanna mess with the ultimate type of guy
Who will use solar flare and blind your sight
Not Even c*mberbatch can bargain strange out of my brain
Thanos and Dormammu I will kill em with a switch blade
Pick apart your mid frame that’s how I inflict pain
Y’all my little brothers, I’m a Itachi, call you Sasuke

[Verse 6: Connor Quest]
Swing batter, batter swing, smack a sandbag to the back row
Like in Smash Bros, I’m the king on the black throne
I attack foes, back snaps like a nacho
Now you're at a Loss like Santos
Never see me coming like Clancy: Ghost Recon
Whiskers with a brandy, handing me a neat one
Slice these knobs like Ramsey chopped reeks off
Or when Adam cut the beat off, woah
Never the medic, I be selecting the heavy
You're seeing red when you get hit with the shells and I'm getting your pennies
Going for the jaw breaker like Ed, Edd N Eddy
Cold and deadly like a Chill Wind Yeti, rah
You could never hit levels I reach
Final boss’ll be impossible for you to ever beat
Full throttle when I’m on it, nitro under the bonnet
I got a one up on you, man you blew it like Sonic

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