Trey Anastasio

"God Answered My Prayers"

I asked Him for a windfall
To lift me from this hole
I asked Him for a woman
To rock me to my soul
"Let us make love in the sand
Let that good tequila flow!"
God answered my prayers
He said, "No."

I said, "Please remove our neighbors
Can't you see they're Mexican?
They don't even share our language
Or the color of our skin
They just snuck into our country
O Lord, won't You make them go?"
God answered my prayers
He said, "No."

There isn't any time of day
That you don't have His ear
But He may not give you the answer
That you wanna hear
He holds us in His perfect love
He's there for everyone
So don't you blame Him for your sorrows
Better look at what you've done
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