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"Keep Dropping The Beat"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse: Lil Yachty]
Free my brother out of jail, he ain't do sh*t
Mad he got to sleep with a man-made icepick
Sent my assistant in the pharm' to say I'm sick
And we just bought in a new tongue like I'm Isaac
I can't just cop from anybody b*t*h I'm biased
I can't just sleep in any condo, need the highest floor
I can't f**k you anymore, b*t*h I am so sore
Broke your back four times tonight, go sleep lil' whore
Might just put Melatonin drink, I don't sleep no more
Might beat your brother for some rent, I stained that whore
Kick that b*t*h right to the curb, I shame that whore
Mad I don't treat you like Jayda, don't blame me whore
So what, I bought you some channel, don't claim me whore
Stayed down with [?] cause thеy made me more
[?] causе they pay him more
She said she want it in her mouth, b*t*h say no more
My b*t*h not my b*t*h, but she is she [?]
And she be trippin' out in Paris, that's Mountain More
n***as barking loud on the net, they talk is forward
Till you put a slug in they throat, and they need the Lord
My gang should drive Hondas, we on one Accord
Bro said he got powers in that range, he might even morph
My money in the back stacked up like sneaky dwarfs
I don't wanna rap no more, I pass the torch
You n***as couldn't handle that flame if you
n***as couldn't handle flame
Man these n***as couldn't handle flame if they had fire course
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