Boys & Girls
I just lie awake and think of pleasant nights we'd spend
Under summer's magic spell
But when autumn came, her love did not remain
And made my world a living hell

[Verse 1: TiRon]
Boy meets girl. Boy really likes her
Boy's fallin' in love; nothing can come between 'em
But girl kinda likes him
So every time she sees him she leave him heartbroken
'Cause Boy's soft spoken
So Girl manipulates him with make up to break-ups
'Cause Boy ain't got his cake up and can't take her shoppin'
So Boy's self conscious
So every little bit he get he's emptying his pockets to spend it on She
But she don't see a future with him 'cause Girl's kinda stuck up
But through all of the fits, sh*t, Boy still loves her
And Boy still committed but Girl ain't with it
So she don't visit that much
And he ain't got a whip so they don't get to kick it
So Boy misses Girl, but Girl stays distant
Phone calls shorter than a midget, now he gets it
But can't let go, cause every time she tries to end it
Boy tries to fix it
'Cause Boy wants to stick it out
Girl's tryin' to kick him out
But Boy's trying to figure out
Just how to make it work 'cause
Boy ain't never had love
But She don't really have love
So they don't really have love
Pretending like it hurts her to leave him
So Girl's crying while listing her reasons;
Believing all the sh*t she shoveling
Love is dyin' hon, and I ain't trying to fight to get you
Whining with a sheet of tissue
I'm done darlin' 'cause all this bawlin' won't convince you but…
I think about it sometimes...

[Verse 2: TiRon]
Boy meets Girl. Girl really likes him
Boy say the same, but that ain't quite the case
See 'cause lately he acts like maybe it can't be
So Girl's to the back right next to the ex's
But he keeps messin' with her 'cause he digs her
But not enough to be her main n***a just enough to dig her out
But Boy don't ever say it whenever she kick it with him
So she considers him hers and never figures it out
But he don't see a future with her 'cause Boy's kinda f**ked up
But through all of the using, sh*t, Girl still loves him
And Girl still likes him, but she ain't in his sights
So whenever she's around it's only on late nights
So Boy keeps d**king her and Girl gets addicted
And Girl's still down but Boy don't want her around
Whenever his boys visit to kick it so now she gets it
But can't let go cause Girl thinks she can fix it
'Cause Girl wants to be his only, Boy wants to be the homie
But Girl's lonely and bonin' her just makes it worse
'Cause Girl ain't really like that
And he don't really like her
And she ain't into night caps
And having casual sex ain't connecting
So Girl's second guessing why she kept him
Believing all that sh*t he told her
I know you over me and I ain't trying to make excuses
It wasn't cute and I'm sorry I didn't have the juice to give you the truth but…
I think about it sometimes...