Not Taking This No More lyrics


There were times
When didn’t even recognize myself
I don’t know why
But I believe the lies that you would tell
Now, don’t you cry and tell me
That you got the right to speak
Just listen up now
Cause you don’t get the chance
To make me weep
Finally, I see
He’ll never leave her, ooh
Understand me now
You’ll never see me ’round, ’round here
Cause I don’t bеlieve ya
And the fantasy is dеad
Stop messing with my head
Cause now I know

I am doing it
Say yeah
Hear it right

Not taking this no more, oh no no
I’m going on my own
I’m leaving you alone, I'm leaving you baby, baby
Not taking this no more, no more, no more
Not taking this no more
I can't take this no more
Going out on my own, yeah
I'm leaving you on your own

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