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[Verse 1: Skits Vicious]
Tha thing goes
On district like Viby
Boy we be so grimy
Rip on deck Apashe track now all this people eye me
They all wanna flak when the crew's on top
But I ain't fo ya face when I bookin' that shots (when i lookin' fo' shots(?))
So gimme my space when I'm poppin' tha spot
Pretty please wit' sugar on top

[Verse 2: Jay Reaper]
Do or die so decide, wit' the crew and I we're too alive
Dropped up and f**ked up I get googly eyes who wanna drop (?)
I wanna chop tonight take a motherf**kin' bomb tonight
Filthy boose get dropped tonight and all ya b*t*hes get hooked tonight

Split that sh*t, split that sh*t
Step into the funky bass (?)
Split that sh*t, split that sh*t
Enter tha freaky house (?)
Split that sh*t, split that sh*t
Stand if ya think ya breathless (?)
And when I'm countin the beat it goes like this

[Verse 3: Jay Reaper]
Speed it up, beat it up like junkie spoon I heated up
Wreck rotten my brain dead you get p*ssed ain't even deep enough (?)
(ain't deep enough) Somebody get me up
Sixty shots gon' fix me up
Fourty bombs gon' f**k me up
Fifty sl*ts just to bust the nut

[Verse 4: Skits Vicious]
Hit me hit me wit' a passion
Split a bit a heavy bit aggresion
Winner or the sinner about to get that heavy rythm
When I'm dippin' and trippin' and fashion
Bombs (???)
The mothef**kin' moshpit is what I'm askin'


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