Collie Buddz
[Intro: Matisyahu]
Three shots upon the sky
Three bluebirds flying by
Three sons remind me why
I ended up in Crown Heights

[Hook 1: Matisyahu]
Where's my confidence?
You know you want it all
Believe in yourself
Even after the fall
I wish I knew that one
A long time ago

[Verse 1: Matisyahu]
Now when I walk in the street
Got that hop in my step
Chest out head back
Yeah you know what I rep
Strut like a Rasta
Though I'm being chased by death
I'll be gone 'til whenever
Like the song by Wyclef
Listening to music
Always gave me vision
So when you see me on the street
I'll be walkin' to the rhythm
Focus in my face
That's the way I'm straight livin'
Champion heart
From the start of the beginning
I've been lookin' for the palace
A crown and a throne
Around Krakow
Typing on my phone
Tackling my demons
But you know that by now
Cha**idic reggae superstar
Tell you all how
Got it on the inside
I don't need to wear it out
Can't say I'm not religious
I just let go of the doubt
And right about now
I like old things
Things that go slow
Antiques and such
So what ya know?
I'm an old soul
That's the way I like to go
Thankful for the bumps
I like to feel the road
How can I defend
Against snakes and scorpions?
Trying to be your friends
Then they cut you in the end
Feel the sleep moving
Collapse and give in then I start again
How can I pretend?

[Hook 1 x2: Matisyahu]

[Verse 2: Matisyahu]
Got it on the inside
I don't need to wear it out
Can't say I'm not religious
I just let go of the doubt
And right about now
I'm a let go of this trout
Whispering my pleas, I ain't gotta be loud
Throw it in the sea, throw it back to the sea
Underneath the clouds
Know what I mean
This is my silent scream
Doing as I please
I bless you with the ease
Why these dudes judging me?

[Bridge: Collie Buddz]
Take a piece of herb and break it up
Roll it up, take a shot to the head top
Hit nice, Hit nice
Me a wine wit the gal dem
Everyting nice, ting nice
Everybody have vibes and me no wan hear no gun shot
Hear vibes, good vibes
Over some foolishness, some people, dem a come shot
So people are rich yo
Some people dem a hit yo
Some people a go tru life and not care about nobody else
A little bit yo
Yi have the confidence to keep strong
Have the confidence to hol on
No more pestilence in our residence
The Lord Testament from All em'
It's not the easy road but we have to live it
Anything in life
Put in all of your heart, your mind, and your soul
Remember the greatest gift is love
[Hook 2 x2: Matisyahu]
I need some confidence
How can I walk tall
With the critic in my head?
Won't rest till I feel small