"Alien Ancestors"

Do you see that strange fire?
That light at the mountainside

[Verse 1 - Canibus]
Formaldahyde, less than ten-thousand feet high
Brown men with red eyes, beamed down from blue skies
Half human, half griffon, what a beautiful Christian
You got wings, you could fly; you got ears, you could listen
Use your eyes as a tool for precision
They life liquid is crimson
They ruled this prison planet from beginning
Some have green blood, but I don't care, I still f**k wit' 'em
The Poet Laureate blue bloods get blue ribbons
I woke up out my sleep to the sound of rude alien children
The sun was sizzlin', the moon was missin'
I witnessed the first bar war laws, some new lyrics, what is is?
Nano tech killers seduced the apprentice
Them sons-of-b*t*hes mutilated cows
All we could do is say "wow"
How you feel about 'em mutilatin' humans now?
They shoot down drones with downrange caliber chrome
In wedge formation, travelin' home

[Hook - Canibus (Formaldahyde)] x2
All G's are related genetically
(Never meet again by the hands of destiny)
The DNA genome
(In an alien form)
Wherever Hip-Hop was born, we goin' back home
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