I'm just f**kin'... Way too high for this sh*t
It's like I'm gonna f**k this sh*t up
Yeah... Heh

[Verse 1 - Mark Deez]
I'm a mental hospital patient that momma locked in the basement
I broke out, walk through smoke clouds shocked in amazement
Went to the local venues and started rockin' the stages
Got provocative babes and smoke pot for my concentration
Push my sh*t hard like a person with constipation
Providin' the conversation, there was constant elevation
Shot at rockets, leveled spaceships. Boxed with God and Satan
Mixin' vodka with euthanasia, a gruesome combination
They can't even faze me
I'm temptin' fate and clocked equations, callin' my doctors crazy
It was hypocrisy, it was a box of aces
Unorthodox like not wearing a smock when paintin'
When I provide these as*h**es who wanna collabo
Who stopped the baby?
Go 'head, I'm droppin' payment
And go kick rocks in Haiti
I'm 730, you 180 and you drop sh*t basic
I spit so hot it's blazin' 'n foggy with condensation
And I'll be honest baby, I'm probably beyond the greatest
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