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"First Deployment"

[Verse 1 - Canibus]
Naked in a tub using Vicks VapoRub
If I don't step to my business it ain't gon' get done
Millennium Falcons bomb Libyan houses
From armchairs on top o' san Semien Mountain
Attached to the same outfit I got kicked out with
The way they announced it, they was on some foul sh*t
The Jim Bakker jungle gym, they drink gin and jump into him, then jump into them, then jump back to Jin
Push buttons, get punched in the chin
Don't ever let me see you talk about my motherf*ckin' brother again
The single bed junk yard hoarder
Disorder strikes every quarter right before every mic slaughter
All of us are hoarders, ammunition stashed in the corner
Paper bags, durags balled up
Jingle Bells, Batman smelly as hell
He won't fail and he wants armageddon now

[Verse 2 - Born Sun]
I've seen the Tricoline medic
He said it's embedded in my genetics
Hallucinogens'll boost my intelligence
Schumann resonance amuses my benevolence
Musical elegance in tune with the elements
Change vibration, unify the nation
From consciousness placement inside constellations
Hesitation is a lie and waitin'
When the mind gets awakened, no time for contemplation
Ten paces, step to the truth and face him
God gave me patient energy to elevate them
Beneath the surface, the concrete camouflage serpent
Till every person unlearn they steak worship
Created? I observe it
The way I interpret, you got nervous, heard you spittin' A.I. verses
The situation worsens, urban insurgent, Haitians in turbans
Came with Jamaicans 'n gave it to the merchants

[Verse 3 - Canibus]
Watch them zombie soldiers, go on put a stank on 'em
No thanks partner, run 'em over with some tank armor
The drone Can clank clank on 'em
Drop a little Fat Man on 'em, memorial statue stand on 'em
Electroactive magnets spin armor to fragments
Gearbox attachments fastened to iron cast caskets
Fantastic, let the Great Gatsby at it
The old asthmatic rap addict with the battle rap static
Metaphor mosaics are made in stages
We gave the music industry a Fibonacci facelift
Cowboys and aliens landin' in spaceships
Every single nation fightin' off invasion
We exodus to the inner labyrinth
We follow phosphorescent glowing to a dozen other bases
Whoever ain't got the muscle to make it, stay here
We gon' come back after they shapeshift

[Verse 4 - Born Sun]
I body ten whales like underwater chemtrails
Or windsails manufactured out o' they entrails
Utilize free will on a divine path back to the source
But (shape tie?) try to throw me of course
What materialism
The physical path, the spiritual depth
Break the schism, master the third dimension
I known him all my life, he my people, he my amigo
But my ego is my enemy though
Proof of the sentence, spit out bones, you finished
Tell n*ggas, open they windows, burn some incense
For instance, act off instinct
Talk to the sphinx, do statistic, my music is mystic
Then Mother Nature know I'm talkin' to her
For those seekin' the cure, I breastfeed a leash to the core
p*sspoor, spit the raw for y'all
Fifth element adds on when I get four

[Outro - Unknown Male]
What I think we've come to and what I think the tragedy clearly demonstrates; is that we now find ourselves in a world in which the arrangements of power can not yet be ignored, but in which the instruments of power no longer work. If this lesson has been told us, that the stubborn little gorillas out there, who sawed off the American giant at the knees and brought him down almost like David versus Goliath would have done a great service not only to their own cause -whatever one may think about it- but perhaps to the cause of world peace, and perhaps...

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