"Verbal Murder 2020"

[Verse 1: Big Haz]
I'm staring in Medusa's eyes, turning her to stone
I rip the snakes off her head and punch 'em like Sylvester Sallone
The king has returned for his throne with a fiery vengeance
Unknown, unleashed like it's the burning of Rome
I've been doubted as a lyricist, literally littled by little
Little sh*ts critically miss visions I spit miracle-lly
Vividly giving misery, tongue-twist clinically, viciously, instantly f**k a ?missionary?, flawless victory
Religiously we blessed in the flеsh with God's imagery
Any enemy stеp and they dead, we bomb instantly, military infantry, storm physically, vividly calm
I'm hype like the mic on his arm, listen, we gods lyrically
So many Christmases no tree, alone, sitting with some
sh*t I ripped, this album is unfinished business, kid
Your head's moving, ready for retribution, I'm barely human
Exuberant wrath, the method is death by execution
I'm back, you're losing, my rap is ruthless
[?] security [?] to Haz, I shoot 'em again
[?] blueprint, murderous music, verbal perfect acoustics
Hercules on the beat, I'm destined to prove it
Underrated in this rap world like ?Kid? and Jamal Mashburn
Feel the wrath of my rap, burn 190 degrees
And climbing higher, the fire inside of me rises
Frightening, it's dying to breathe
I'm the vision you see when you cry in your sleep
Cryogenically freeze your heartbeat then restart it
Until it's in time with the beat
... in the streets of Athen
Get out the Magnum... f**k that, get out this anthem!
You'll be dead before the DJ even gets to play the track, son!
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