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Boldy James & The Alchemist


Who knows better than you?
Where we at?
I'd like to say

[Verse 1]
We come through like Green Beret Marines (r-r-r-rah)
Fully auto submachine rifle with the laser beam
Can't believe everything you hear, but I'ma have to
Yeah, I want 'em, tell 'em pull up, I'm on Belvedere and Gratiot
Old school mint-condition, be careful, try not to scratch it (yeah)
Well aware of my surroundings, know I'm tuggin' on the metal
On the war, my young bulls thuggin' on another level
Whole block snaggletooth, but we got money in the ghetto
Narcs flickin' n***as left and right, ready with no search warrant
Rival gang members in the neighborhood, turf-warrin'
None of this sh*t came overnight, I had to work for it
Now your b*t*h tryna ride my wave, might let her surfboard
Payin' my ticket in that bando was my first mortgage
Never turned my back on the streets, it's that I turned towards it
Bro don't need no bond money, he just wanna hear my voice
Nickel nine on me, I call this a souvenir from Royce

Here's lookin' at you, kiddo
I cry tears just wishin' that you was here, bro
Without you here, got me feeling like a weirdo
Can't get took from my kids, leave my wife behind a widow (bless)
Can't trust a soul, sleep with toast under my pillow
So right 'fore I get ghost, she said she love me, I'm like, "ditto"
Don't think these n***as got the memo or listened to my demo
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