Children of the Corn lyrics


[Intro, Witchouse 40k]
Children of the night
What music they make
Ay, ya

[Verse 1: Witchouse 40k]
b*t*h I'ma rip up your father, your mother
I'll come for your family, you shot at my brothers
I always got mystical numbers, lil' gunna
I'm number than you and my army like gun them (Ay)
Tats on my wrist, no wrist watch
Neck cut from when a vampire bit it (Uh)
Put 'em in a grave with a flintlock
Smoking on the Earth like I'm smoking on wicked
Pull up with a pole
Got a bullet vest full of holes
Pull up there, leave her body cold
Suckin' out her soul
I'm [?], let it go
Safer to walk with the ghosts
Never love a hoe
b*t*h I'ma stay alone, never with b*t*hes, I'm only with bro
Get the f**k out my phone
Lucid my home
LSD chemicals feelin' my bones (Yah, uh)
New Gucci on me I need all the guala
I got all the likes but I got all the comments
I f**k on his b*t*h, shawty call me her father
He say he a rapper, he like an impostor
I shoot at your brother, lil' b*t*h I'm a gunner
You talkin' that sh*t so I pull up with something
These paths that I'm cutting, I give them the cuts
And we come and I'm dippin' for combat
I hate [?]
I'm comin' out the f**king northwest
Pretty good chance we'll be responsible for your death
Watch my sword flex
b*t*h we risin' after 4 texts
I hope you got [?]
I'm getting tapped off in the forest
I don't wanna see you in my DMs (b*t*h)
[?] wanna help but I don't need them (Hoo)
Shawty wanna f**k me in the BM' (Ay)
[?] the reason
b*t*h I'm feenin', b*t*h I'm hungry
Cannibalism [?] (Haha)
Off season, b*t*h we hunting
[?] Sunday (Uh)

[Verse 2]
Hollow on the inside, definition of the walking dead
Pullin' out my eyes, see my inside full of spider webs
From the ash I rise, inside the flames is where I lay my head
Slit my throat and break my spine, gonna make you taste this lead
Hellhounds, we coming, we rise from the Earth
[?] to destroy and [?] the curse
Witchouse be [?] up whip in the hearse
[?] beside, I've been evil since birth
Walk through the trees, watchin' birds in the fire
Pull out your lungs, watch you choke on the pliers
Blowin' that gas, we get higher and higher
Eyes rollin' back, had her mouth [?] spiders

[Verse 3]
b*t*h you bet we'll never meet again (b*t*h)
Tryna shake my hand, motherf**ker we ain't friends (Nah)
[?] location you could send (What?)
f**king with the gang is not a move I recommend (Nah)
Make him speak [?], no caption
Pull up with a [?] (Rrah)
Smokin' on a reef has got me tweakin' on it because of the [?]
b*t*h I'm reckless, check the necklace
Take your wifey out for breakfast
Smash the pu**y, leave her breathless
[?] the pu**y killer he's a [?]
All the songs and no attention
Prolly catch a rap star straight depressin'
[?], bad intentions
Better hope our mans stay the f**k out your mansions (Hoo)

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