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(Drumma Boy)
Woah (Chris Beats)
Ooh-woah, ooh-woah

Viola, I used to know ya
Creep with my toaster, tonight I must hold ya
Pray for my soldiers that's ridin’ in stolens
Metal stay low, they will strike when provokin'

I feel I'm chosen
They know that I got it
They look in my eyes and they see what I’m rockin' (Bling, bling)
I'm all in the fire, I stay on my .9 so you know that I'm plottin'
I ain't beatin' 'em up
I’m gettin’ 'em gone, I can’t smoke out the profit
Life it be new to all us
We all hella young, but we totin' our rockets
I feel I'm fallin' and you’re lettin' me fall
I call the jail, I tell 'em free all my dawgs
If you f**kin' with Lil Nine, you know we gettin' involved
It broke my heart that time I'm missin' a call
Wash my hands with these n***as, but my spray dirty
f**k her, call an Uber, make her leave and catch her flight early
n***as say we beefin', ain't no beef, boy, you don't like j*rky
I ain't even mad, I'll drop a bag for any slight purpose
I'm prayin' to the Lord he come and save me, I don't like service
The truth gon' bring you pain
I saw the truth and now my eyes hurtin'
Walkin' in the rain with no disguise, but I got slight service
Walkin' in the rain, I hide this .9, I'm only slight nervous
I might pop another from the gutter, I predicted this
I tried to let them jump up on this train, but they done missed this sh*t
With my dog, like Scooby Doo, we turn you to a mystery
Look at Rocky now, he got them books, ain't talkin' history
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