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"Le Menace"

I'm not f*ckin' finished, I'm not f*ckin' finished

[Verse 1]
Murder all the perp, bury humans in the bushes
Don't worry bout' my mind, I lost it when I was lurkin'
Tunnel lurkin front, captain "do not give no" sh*t
Kill myself, and bury deep inside the well beneath the creek
I'm that weirdo of the week
I'm that weirdo that's just f*ckin' lose
Poppin' watter bottles, till I drowned it, found it on the noose
All my life was wasted, played it safe behind this f*ckin' cage
Now I'm full of rage
Exploding myself in endless ways
Let me die today, no more working, no more fakin'
No more wakin', no more grindin', no more shinin', cryin', rapin'
Escapin' from mindless struggle, just double my f*ckin' wrist
I'm the best, first and last of all my kind, I hate you all
b*tch! Hit you with the bat, let it crack like that
Never mind that
I'm in the cut, Feelin' myself, Cause I don't do sl*ts
Evening leases since I'm f*cked up
Feelin little blocked in the nighttime
Say a few words, let the shine
Turn that b*tch off a like a light night
I was never alright, f*ck life!
Red Mac

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