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[MacXVII & Lord Mackovich]
Uh hey Mac, before we get started with this uh sh*t uh
I want to know why, why you name yourself Lord Mackovich? Please explain that
Because I'm empowering, Nobody else is so there’s no point
It's just me

It's interesti-
Okay it’s interesting
Uh, oh, it's not interesting
No it's not, it's not f*cking interesting
Well, uh I just uh want to let everybody know that uh this is uh.. this is just him
Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah
Are you gonna be a di*k and not let anybody else speak on this?
I mean nobody is good enough to me
Oh, oh, okay y'know
Nice talking to you and uh
Sure sure
Yeah just keep doing you Mac
Yea yea Imma do me alright
Mackovich, LORD Mackovich
Yes yes make sure you f*cking pronounce it
Okay, you have power. that's good, i like that
Yea yea, blah blah blah

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