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"Super Spawn"

[Intro: Cxrpse]
Ayy, yuh, ayy

[Verse 1: Cxrpse]
Uh, I leave that b*tch in the sediment
Ever since I had a lapse with my relevance
Now I’m not going to heaven
And the hell is for n*ggas who dead and ain’t reppin' sh*t, uh
I'm feelin' big like the president
Tell that b*tch "everyone that I do better than"
Look at my family, I’m dead to them
b*tch, I'm the law, gotta be on my Tekken sh*t
I shot his body, I’m laughing
I ran out the class, it’s like I was on acid
Ran through the halls with the pack and showed them the steel
Just like that n*gga Shaq
This sh*t is just my philosophy
Honestly, you n*ggas better off poppin' me
I cause his death like a poppy seed
Kidnap his b*tch and I make a bukkake scene
Come through the door like we Russians, I kidnap the family
There ain’t no discussion
b*tch told me I was disgusting
I laughed and said nothing while f*cking her cousin
Told that lil' b*tch I was bussin'
Say sorry to moms because she heard me cussin'
Regardless, I don’t give a f*ck and I will beat on that n*gga face like percussion

[Verse 2: Sybyr]
Breakin' n*gga's knees, hear them screamin' in retreat, uh (Ayy)
I'm not f*ckin' playin', bet your charm no we gon' leave (Ayy)
We been at this for some years, music comin' to your vis' (Ayy)
All this apathy, this chorus super loud, I can't even hear, uh
We're below the zero and these n*ggas think they heroes? (Ayy)
Failure makin' bankroll, you can't drink them with no Karo (Ayy)
Heard you want attention? Oh, you bought them off the payroll? (Ayy)
Sneaky little bast*rds, I'ma stick 'em in a cage, ho

I keep sellin' 'em the word with the curse, none the wiser, uh
I be gettin' paid, buy my work, no retire, uh
Countin' up the fares, I'on share, I'm a miser, uh
You look like you scared, you prepared, you's a liar, uh
Smokin' with a lighter, uh, I can hear you sizzlin' and I can see ya' wire, uh
Smoking with some matches, uh, this sh*t ain't a pageant, uh
They called me a faggot, so, I f*cked 'em in the backend

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