Money Music Freestyle lyrics


What's up you all, this is uhh Flax, Sybyr
You know whichever. It kind of interchangeable at this point you know
Just f**king around and sh*t you know
This, this ain't got a real message to it, that's why it's on flight

[Verse 1]
I'm up in the late morning making money moves
Trying to see what I can do and get into the groove (Huh)
This is freestyle, (Uh) don't know what to do, (Uh)
Trying to make the worst rhyme like I try to do (Uh)
If it's really cool, (Uh) Tried a dizzy move
I don't know what I was saying, trying get into the groove (Uh)
I was dizzy too (Uh), tryna spend two (Uh)
Tryna get a groove, tryna make two


[Verse 2]
I was trying to get my credit all straightened out (Uh)
I'm just too trying to give me little something else (Uh)
Like a closet space for all my stuff
And you know what's good, (Uh) [?trying to taste good]
Everything good, (Uh) what she is doing good (Uh)
I'm just trying to not say nothing dumb, please
'Cause i know they gonna try to transcribe these
Sybyr VS Syringe, Max bounty
Yeah, i know about that accounting
No CPA, marketing
Trying to raise some bread from that thing
I was on a motherf**kin' march
I was doing everything from the morning in the dark
I don't even need to go over again
Just walk in the park and I need to get my sh*t
Flowered like tart, wait

Wait a minute, I don't even know what I was saying
I just had a cloudy brain, what? No
I just had some cloudy brain, what? No
I just had some cloudy brain, what? Go

[Verse 3]
Stacks in my pocket, you know what I got a watch
No I don't got no watch, I got no necklace
You won't see me take doubt and under that sh*t
I know it sucks, yeah, I know it sucks
I gotta protect myself and keep that sh*t up
Can't be going out, dumb, can't be going out like a bum
But you know what?
Imma dress up like a bum, like i got no money at motherf**kin' all
'Cause i know it's more that what you got on
Even when she got no heels she got all that body
I was gonna go some more, I was gonna say some more, but that's all I had, this a freestyle
Sybyr VS Syringe, there is Flax Too
It don't make sense, two plus two (Uh)
This n***a just con-f**king-fuse


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