Childish Sons*


[Intro: Landon Cube]

[Chorus: Landon Cube]
There's a fire, out on my lawn
I got a feeling, that something is wrong
California, covered in sun
I gotta warn ya, it ain't always fun
Hallelujah, I'm all out of luck
Heard a rumor, that everyone sucks
Got some habits, the wildest ones
I'm a mother, the childish son

[Verse 1: Landon Cube]
Ok, the preacher man had told me it's too late for my friends
But I could change my wicked ways, but it's too late and I'm dead
I said "no thank you mister" I would rather stay with my friends
And keep on drinking when we wanna it's amuse to an end
You's a gold digger baby, I'm a soul killer
And I get nauseous if I ain’t making more skrilla
You's a gold digger baby, I'm a soul killer
And I get homеsick if I ain't goin' home witcha
But I was raised in the birds, I had nowhеre to run
So I always hung out on the wrong side of town
I'm a product of the 90's and the 301
And I, been descendin' since I was young

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