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Wu-Tang Clan

"Berto and the Fiend (Skit)"

This is a story of Berto and the Fiend
Told to us by the Ghostface Killah

[Skit: Ghostface Killah]
Word, I remember the fiend, I remember the fiend f*cked Berto up
The fiend is f*ckin' Berto up
I had to jump in there like, "Yo, chill!"
He tried to beat the n*gga for his 35 dollars
But the fiend was on some slim Bruce Lee sh*t
Yeah, his sneakers was tied tight
That's how you knew n*ggas fight, 'cause they was tight
All the sudden that n*gga slammed Berto like, *exclaims*
He had him on the floor
He was like, "Yo, yo, get him off me!"
You know what I'm sayin'
Had to get the n*gga off him and sh*t
Let him pound on him for like two seconds or whatever
Got the fiend off him

Where are you going?
I'm wasting no time—gonna kill—

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