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Cat Soup


[Verse 1]
Always said that life’s a b*tch, trigger click, I never miss
On my deadshot, deadstock, Nike with the fits
I been p*ssed, I been feeling like Static Shock in this b*tch
When I push the metal forward to brain cells, you dip
Aye, AR-15 take you straight to the E-R
Half my name know death when I see her
Grab your mouth, two hands, I P-R-Y
Your eyes, I want like V-R
My b*tch sadistic, she Raven minus the visions
She Raven but with the mission, of killing Satan, I slaughter
I just fathered your daughter, icy watch on my charter
These bands are falling like autumn, I ricocheted out the bottom
She showed me more brain than chemistry out the books
These crooks thinking I'm shook till I turn it to Sandy Hook

Now don't hit me, silly b*tch with a prenup
She so cute, why you thinking I pre-nut?
Blue dot from my nine, get heat up
b*tch chug di*k while I kick my feet up
In a Mitsubishi with Chi-Chi and her friends
Told them b*tches hunt for balls and I'm only counting to ten

[Verse 2]

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