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"These Hands"

Let me guess your type...
The kind that takes your hand
The kind that looks you gently in the eyes from time to time

(Oh baby) grab your waist
As I look to the left, I'm amazed, as I look to the right
On your face is that look of endearment, it's truly endearing to someone like me
I, I, I know for sure the feelings that we'll endure
All worth it in the end, 'cause you're the person that I adore

Care for me the way I care for you
Show me what these hands are used for
I try to be a better man to you
Now I'm down on my knees and I'm begging you "baby, come home"

There's a pain inside for every time I made you cry
No class or gracefulness
I was torn up, looking back to the days when we were burned up
One spritz of this and I guarantee a wild night, with your girl's hands all over me

I know for sure you want the pleasure more and more
The pain is something to ignore
We can start it here on the floor

(I'm hoping that this image in my brain lasts forever
You showed me what it takes to be)

I'm practicing what to say, everyday, to you

[Chorus x2]

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