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"Afraida Luv"

I try my best but there’s no erasing you
I can’t move on
Cause there’s no replacing you
You’re in my heart
And that’s we’re you’ll stay too
Even tho you gave up I could never hate you
There’s no bad blood Just been battling
Anxiety and depression
The only reason I take drugs
Sippin on this syrup
So I don’t feel nun
Cups I pour up
But these night don’t end well
I’m in pain can’t you tell

I tried I pushed everyday I thrived
Knowing everyday you lied I just gotta replace you
Gotta say goodbye(x2)
I don't wanna replace you
(You were my everything)
But just know Ill stay tuned
(Listen to everything)
Just know I'll miss you
Just wanna be with you
(Why can't you come over again)
You keep declining my calls
Now taking to the walls
I've already replaced you just know
I'll miss you never and I'll never ever dis you

Catch me at the pier in some new gear
Colder than a can of beer
I ain’t worried about the fear
Always wit heat like metal gear
Can't control myself
No, I can no longer steer

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