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Krizz Kaliko

"Hood Connection, Strange Commercial"

[Female Announcers]
And now, for America's #1 show: The Hood Connection
With your host: Rob Ethan!

[Tech N9ne performing the show's theme]
Hood Connect, it's strictly about the sex
It's the Hood Connect, we give what the b*tch will take
The Hood Connect, it's strictly about the sex
It's just the Hood Connect, da da duh-duh-duh dadadada

[Host Rob Ethan and Crowd]
Well, hello, and welcome to the Hood Connection
Today's contestant happens to be torn between three women
That's his wife, his b*tch, and his girl
Ha ha ha, I can't wait to see how this one pans out
But first, a word from our sponsor

[Salesperson and Tech N9ne]
Are you a dope dealer?
Bank Robber?
Or any other criminal that wants to be in the music industry?
Come to Strange Music
Where Bullsh*t Ain't Nothin'!
Come join Team Strange, where we deal with bullsh*t like:
Kutt's court cases
Tech's crazy sex scandals
Project: Deadman's crowd-surfing lawsuits
And Skatterman & Snug Brim's CENSOR and CENSOR
Strange Music Inc
Where Bullsh*t Ain't Nothin'!
Call Travis O'Guin now at ----555-----
Join Now!
Ayo, what's sizzlin', this is Tech N9ne
I mean, yeah, we kickin' it, Strange Music
Where Bullsh*t Ain't Nothin'

Big Krizz Kaliko now included

[Host Rob Ethan and Contestant]
And we're back on the Hood Connection
When we left, our contestant had a choice between his wife...
His b*tch...
His girl...
Or you can take them all for the win with the spin of that wheel
What's it gonna be?

I think I'm gonna go for the spin, Rob, I'm gonna go for the spin
He's gonna go the spin!
Ok here we go, I gotta spin this motherf*cker
*Wheel spinning*

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