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Molly Nilsson

"Your Shyness"

What's the secret? I don’t know
Take a picture of me now
But I know what's really there won't show
The way I feel it inside me now
I keep falling for somebody else
I keep calling out to myself
I’m too shy

TOO SHY on a t-shirt, printed all caps
And you would just once perhaps
In reality, the lock is still on
Even after the cage is gone
I keep wishing I'm somebody else
I keep myself out on myself
I'm too shy

In all honesty, the way we're living
In the world today
You get caught up in the loneliness
Of always giving your one heart away
Everyone's feeling out of their prime
Everyone kneeling inside all the time
The reason I see it is whenever it breaks
I get the feeling I'm dreaming
But I know I'm awake
Through it all
Taking my photo and it's all that you’ll have
Taking my photo cause it’s all you ever had

Too shy

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