Never End lyrics


[Intro: Puffy L'z & Duvy]
Yeah, yeah
South, South, Southside
This sh*t off the top, man
Like every other track

Yeah (Grrr, grrr)

[Chorus: Duvy]
Yeah, this sh*t will never end (No)
Run around like you ride
Out here jumpin' fence (Hah)
Up and leave again (Leave)
How you leave your man's? (How?)
(Ouuu, yeah, yeah)
sh*t been hard ever since
Time to leave the brick
Capo had been, we ain't kill your man's (He ain't kill)
Yeah, Southside Jane n***as (Southside Jane)
We the main n***as
[?] and let bro slay (Let bro slay)
Melly let's kill 'em all, I hate n***as (Kill)

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