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Mom, I made Varsity!

Woah, Woah

I just took the price like there's low supply
I've been way to nice, got me thinking like I don't know why
Please don't hit my line, I'ma act like I just damn went blind
You don't cross my mind, we ain't cool please don't even try
b*t*h I'm from New York, (Facts!)
But you're still not my guy
Try to cop the swag, (Checks!)
But you're just not as fly
This sh*t not a [?]
This some D.I.Y
I been counting blues
Like da ba dee da ba dye

Say you got some bread, well okay so do I
Do you swag? I do when I don't even try
They like wow Popstarbills, this sh*t really a vibe
I'm so starstruck, I just wanna say hi
Not enough time, I gotta go
Bacon, egg, and cheese the way I been on a roll
I been grindin' so hard, they 'boutta know
I been on my sh*t I ain't takin it slow
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