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"No Obligations"

Oren wasn’t bumpin' that’s what they said to me
So I changed it to presence and it fits better on me

People say that i'm done but I'm not even started
They don’t realize that I've always been battle hardened

I ain't got no time or no obligation
Oren's back on the track, man I guess times are changing

I feel like I haven’t even got past halftime
I say what I believe, I ain't got no hands tied

And I got pressure on me
Movin' all these bricks feels like game seven on me

People told me I was too arrogant, I had a big Ego
Be more introspective, don’t try to change other People

I don’t even know why people hate to begin with
But that sh*t solidifies who I know ima' stick with

A good leader takes more of the blame, and less of the credit
Guess why that’s I speak so much on all of my records

Its true that Hindsight is always 2020
But when it's all said done, all I ask is you respect me
I did this sh*t without ever asking for a penny
And I tried to be myself but they wouldn’t let me . Oren

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