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Frank Iero

"Robo Fonzie meets Frank"

[Reggie, Robo Fonzie, Frank Iero]

Hey Robo Fonzie!
There you are!
I'm Robo Fonzie
Robo Fonzie meet Frankie
Nice to meet you Robo Fonzie
I heard a lot about you
It's nice to meet another [?]
Robo Fonzie!
Nice to meet you too, I guess...
What's the deal with all these [?]
Robo Fonzie! Come on!
You multiply... [?]
I told you not to tell racist jokes in front of my friends!
I am the telling [?]
That's what everybody says once they tell a racist joke!
Shut up and grow some two lips
You Dutch orphan piece of sh*t
You should [?]
I am going to Arnold's to pick up that [?]

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