Out Of Love lyrics

Janet Jackson

(Intro: From Poetic Justice Lucky and Justice):
Why you always so mad you must ain't got no man cause you don’t never smile do you, What you want from me ,Nothing i think you kinda fly sh*t let's start with your phone number

[Verse 1: Tyler Kinng]:
Girl, I see you're nothing sort of a blessing
Yo love, I promise to work for it like a Mexican
Girl, girl you’re a drug that I'm addicted to
And like the tampons that you use
I'm trynna get into you
You know you bad
I ain't gotta tell you that you bad
You're more than bad
You special like a, like a slow class
Just shower me with your love
And dry me out with the towels
Like outlet on the wall
We connecting better than plugs
Blessing from up the sky
Ain't it from up above
I need to clean my mind
I get dirty thoughts every time we hug
It's something I can't explain
Imma stay in my lane
She give me respect
Imma pay it back, when I get change, yeah
And they say the best things in life are free
But happiness has a lot and patience is the key
Just give a n***a a day a couple months or some weeks
I’ll show you these hoes come last like the letter Z
You come before these hoes f**k them other hoes
I’m telling you, you're number one like Derrick Rose
A dime is what you are but a dollar when out them clothes
I swear, you keep me hot even on days when it’s cold
Po-po, Poetic justice, you want that poetic justice
Don't diss because you disagree, let's sit and discuss this
I'm in the whole another zone, the f**k am I on?
A drug called love and the side effect strong
Nowadays, these n***as fake, fake as Santa
And if you love me I get you like a page of ransom
I can see you full of questions I can be your answer
And I smoke like I ain’t never ever heard of cancer
I don't f**k with these n***as but I ain't racist
I R. E. S. P. E. C. T you like Aretha Franklin
Right now I give you everything but my baby
And I'll never walk out on you even if you pay me
And I can see that you've been crying all night it's like
You and your n***a never had no fun it's all fight
And you know life a gamble but pick cards right
Life is a game of pool and I'm always earns strike
And if I can say the alphabet I'll put U right next to I
She said she love me too and you know the numbers don't lie
Yeah I love that girl to death I hope that don't mean imma die
And I hope she never cry like a n***a with no eyes
I can get in then I'm out like a bank robbery
I can be the Tyrese, she can be Taraji
I can see that key sweat dripping off her body
Introduce her ass to Mary Jane and Joe and Molly
She keep me coming back around, it's a love circle
I never ever get over her like a prowl hurdle
Sometimes it's never physical, sometimes it all verbal
And other times I'm on her body just like a girdle

(Intro: From Poetic Justice Lucky):
Man f**k that b*t*h
Think she's God gift to a n***a
f**k her, her ass can walk
J, come on....

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