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Thinkin bout u my thoughts are endless
Yeah I’m restless
Thinkin about u my thoughts are endless

Girl me and u look so good together
But when u look at me all u say is whatever
I promise just cuz I’m younger doesn’t mean I haven’t suffered
Rejected by so many
Can’t even date whoever
I know you barely know me but it’s alright
Get to know me, you’ll fall in love in 5 nights
You so beautiful you shine bright at night
With all the stars and the pretty lights
Walking down the hallway seein u makes my face go red
But then I see you with that guy that will soon be your ex
He says forever but to be honest he really means till whenever
For me it’s different I really mean forever
Wrote this special ass letter
Just so you can wear my sweater
Bet u haven’t heard anything like this before
You really special aren’t ya?
You make my heart go up like an elevata’
Different floors
When I reach the top
My heart starts to flop
Gettin all nervous, gotta stay calm
I swear the sweat on my palms
Won’t do you any harm

Girl you’re so f*ckin gorgeous
But rn I need to know this
Do I have a chance?
Or should I just move on with my life

Hopefully next time I write about you
We’re already passed holding hands
Cuz I love you and I’m not tryna just get up in ya pants

Before you go I gotta day one more thing
When we’re together you can dream about getting that diamond ring
And hear those birds start to sing

Yeah im restless
Thinkin about u my thoughts are endless
Yeah uh restless
Thinking bout u my thoughts are endless

Doing what I gotta do
Girl just To get with you
Girl I love you and everything ya do
People might say it’s kinda weird I wrote about you
Restless thought I can’t comprehend
All I know is your an angel that god sent
Damn that kinda good
I really like you as I should
Girl please
I’d do anything for this
I really f*cking would
I’m restless

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