[Verse 1: Stormzy]
Peng tings on my WhatsApp and my iPhone too
The  brown skinned girls and the white ones too
Girls  love me and I love them too
I was on the roads when Dizzee made "I Luv U" ("I Luv U, U, U")
Talk about me you better hashtag merky
Can't  chat about speed look my cab man's certi
Shout  out to my big bro Wiley, that's a badman from early
Lo-look I'm a boss man like Birdie, I'm a badman like Shirley
If  grime's dead then how am I here? (How)
Big man like me with a beard, look how am I scared?
God's wrath is the only power man fear
Couple skengman, then showerman here
Shower  man down in my shower man gear, yeah
Talk about me you better hashtag problem
Adidas creps, don't ask where I got them
Don't ask what they are, don't ask if I copped them
I go hard for my team, I go hard for my squadron

[Verse 2: Stormzy]
Got bit by a snake, but I'm over that
Can't chat about gyal, I get loadsa that
Man know I'm a beast onstage
Don't make man go back to Culture Clash
Man are over-gassed
Dark skin boy, man are over-black
Talk real greazy, I'm known for that
Talk about Ps when you owe me that?
Man are not real like that
Real talk, man'll get killed like that
Man'll talk wrecked or man'll get caught in the flesh
Look, man I don't bill like that
We all know you're a good child
So pull up your jeans
Get off the street and go do your mum proud
Go get a job and don't come out your house, mug
Look I don't rate them boys
Bare wasteman, bare pagan boys
I come to your team and I f**k sh*t up
I'm David Moyes
Look, I'm a lord of the mic
And I ain't been Lord of the Mics
Can't chat about bars, can't chat about flow
Cuh man've done all of that hype, what?

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