"Own It"

[Chorus: Stormzy]
Own it
Girl, you just own it
'Cause your body's on fire
Show me how to control it
And go hit your spliff and get higher
Girl, I love how you roll it
I put my hand there, hold it
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya
I'ma be right by ya

[Verse 1: Stormzy & Burna Boy]
Lighters up, lighters up, one time, lighters up
Pulled up in the party, when you saw me, I was lightin' up my J
So go ahead and brighten up my day
Lighters in the air when you lighting up the rave
And it's feelin' like I met you here before ('Fore)
Girl, I felt your presence when they let you through the door (Door)
Never had a bruddah give you everything and more
So I take a little piece and then the rest of it is yours
Mi amore, I
E don tey wey I don dey I tell you
But, girl, you think say nah play (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
I know no wetin you dey do me
Wey just dey scatter my brain (Ah, scatter my brain)
Thug lovin' when I put you in your place
I can tell you love it, just by lookin' in your face
It's the way that you wind up your waist, I'm so in awe
Girl you never have to worry 'bout nothing
You know it's all yours, you know you
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