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Collision Cult
Which ward? “F” ward I.C.U
Under the palm what did I do?
Which cell? Padded cell, T.B.H
How many downers did I take?
Which block? “F” block, cell block 8
We’re all prisoners of our fate
Which block? “E” block, cell block 9
We’re all prisoners of our time
Collecting for the big fire
Waiting for the change
When somebody hit me with a bicycle chain
Collision cult [x4]
Prisoners, exiles, hear my tale
You don’t need bars to build a jail
Which way, which turn should I take?
You can run but you can’t escape
Stop the operation
I’ve changed my mind
Call my witch doctor
I think I’m gonna die
Occult princess sacrifice
Feel the teeth begin to bite
Witches and demons of the night
Dancing in the pale moonlight
You Rock ‘n’ Roll angels, you Rock ‘n’ Roll stars
Join the waistoids at the bar
Time for council, call my tribe
We’re gonna dance for another night
Putting on the war paint, beating on the drum
We’re gonna dance ‘til the weekend’s done
Collision cult
[Repeat until end]