Amel Larrieux
Get Up (Thread Had Fun Remix)
Oooooo la di dum (dum)
Da da dum (dum)da da dum dum dum
La di dum da da dum da da dum dum

Six a.m. getting out of bed again
Can't get back in cuz sleep ain't gonna pay the rent
Ohh day to day they got you working like a slave
Taking credit for the work you gave
And stealing your raise but I...

I know you're down but when you gon get up
I see you're down but when you gon get up

People try to pull the wool over your eyes
Don't know why they want to profit from your demise
Oooo they lie to cover up how weak they are inside
Oh baby baby don't you cry
All you got's your pride so I I I I

I see you're down

(Mos Def)
Hey now I'm going for mine
Said even though they trying to hold me down
You know I'ma shine
Put your hurdles up but still I'm hopping over the line
I stay ahead of the race because I'm setting the pace
Hop on my feet, I'm hard to beat like I'm a federal case
Cause there's incredible stakes
Brooklyn incredible place for all the seminal greats
Who made their memorable tapes
Who got the measure and grace
Amongst the pressure and snakes
Sometimes I'm scared but still prepared to do whatever it takes
To all my folk who understand that NYC is the way
From overseas or anywhere inside the fifty-two states
So if you really know the really really really real-ly
Wave your hands in the space
It's time to build and create
Me and my squad is on the job
So that the childrens is straight
To understand the higher plan
And to expand my estates
I can't give out or give up, my motivation a must
Amel Larrieux and M-O-S'll make the people GET UP!
I want you to get get up
I want you to get get up
I want you to get get up
Not down not with a frown

(Amel scatting)

After all the work you gave
Stealing your raise
Stealing your raise
Steal-ing your raise