Ain’t No Crime
[Radio excerpt]
DJ: The topic: Is the police department really doing justice to the people here in New York City
Caller: Hello
DJ: Hello?
Caller: Hello. Hello!
DJ: Hello!
Caller: Yeah. Corruption, corruption, all the way. The cops are just full of it. A guy told me…
DJ: Ay pal
Caller: A guy told me…
DJ: Ay, hello, hello!
Caller: Hello?
DJ: Did you call here before?
Caller: Did I call before? No, it’s my first time calling, guy
DJ: You called here before, didn’t you?
Caller: (sputtering)
DJ: You were from White Plains, you called
Caller: (sputtering) …checking my phone calls or something…
DJ: No, you, you, you called from White Plains, didn’t you? Are you calling from White Plains now?
Caller: White Plains Road!
DJ: In White Plains, right?
Caller: On the Bronx, White Plains Road!
DJ: What’s your point, pal?
Caller: What I’m trying to tell you, you take it in the a**!
DJ: (chuckles)

[“Heaven and Hell is on Earth” sample]
Children growing
Women producing
Men go working some go stealing
Everyone’s got to make a living

[Ad-libs: Positive K]
Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo (Uh)
Yeah swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo

[Verse 1: Positive K]
Don’t tell me what I’m not
Just because I drops it like it’s hot
I get what I get, and I got what I got
For thinking fast, right here on the spot (Uh)
I’m spontaneous wit a ho in my radius (yeah)
You got a girl, buy my tape and play her this
Watch which way she’ll sway
And I bet she’s gonna say OWWW, Pos K
So don’t pause, panic, or get picky
I’ll make ya girlfriend’s panties sticky
And she’ll wanna get with the dapper
A rapper, I got no choice but to tap her
So let her know who the [?] the big barracuda
That’s like a Lexus to a scooter (Uh)
So ease off, come down [?]
I remain like a freckle, transform like Jekyll
I’m being bad yo, making mad dough, pulling off slow (Uh)
In a Volvo
Pos K’s imperial
Brothers wanna be smooth but can’t find my material (shhhh)
Understand I’m good with mine
And when you realize that, everything’ll be fine

[Hook: Positive K]
Ain’t no crime, on the way I’m gettin mine
It ain’t no crime, it ain’t no crime
It ain’t no crime, on the way I’m gettin mine
It ain’t no crime, it ain’t no crime

[Verse 2: Positive K]
On the nightshift, a lot of ladies was offended
But being offended wasn’t what I intended
Pos K raps on, what’s real, rappin on what’s real (yeah, yeah)
Gives me that street feel
A in a borough in a city near the city
I can’t have the Doo-Wop, without the ditty (what)
I got the skills to pay those
And if ya got beef, I suggest, you better raise those (Uh)
But tell me can you take it
Ya have better luck a bungie jumping b*** naked (shhhh)
I’m gettin loot in 52 cities and hanging hard
See here, like your grandmom’s t**ties
Tell it like it is and like it isn’t
No girl is gonna lock me up as if I was in prison (Uh)
‘Cause I’m a batchelor, my doctor says I’m fertile
Running through girls like Carl Lewis does the hurdles (mm)
Ladies know my forté, plus I [?] foreplay
When I go too far they say, that’s okay
‘Cause I’m the Positive, but, girls, they call me Pozzy
We can go together just like Harriett and Ozzie
Eff matrimony! That’s B, baloney
Picture me settling down with a wife!
Nah that don’t even sound right (nah)
But my motto is, a pimp or die
Come on now


[Verse 3: Positive K]
Honeys in my face just like a booger (like a booger)
I say slow down, low down, and don’t you play yourself, sugar (Uh)
I don’t like girls who act like such
Talking about take me out to dinner (but what)
Nah we’re goin’ Dutch
Uh, then I think and realize that it sums up (Uh-huh)
‘Cause when I bust off, I clog honeys gums up (Uh-huh)
That’s why she calls me Sir Spermalot
Cause when I make love, I make her squeal, and she squirms a lot
So don’t ask, is he nasty or has he
Uh baby, don’t put none a that past me
Cause I’m the man with the power
If being fly was a minute, well I’m a motherf**king hour (sh*t)
Now don’t do like I say so (Uh-huh)
And you’ll get eaten like a dish called Rapper Alfredo
In the quickness you’re getting sparked
You do so much as [?] blink
And you can die in the dark
I hear dem talking, but I don’t know what dem tinkin’
I hear dem talking, but I don’t know what dem tin kin’
This ain’t a song about me being fly
It’s a song about me, myself, and I
You know this I
Persist, and refuse to get jammed
People try to [?] flam, but every song that I make slam
Like Abe Lincoln, they wanna see me dead, stinkin'
I’m not sinkin', so [?] how ya thinkin'
I’m rising, rising at a rapid rate
And at my weight, I’m gonna wax the whole damn state
And every step I take
It’s a step in the struggle
And everything I got, ay yo I got it on the juggle
Nobody gave me nothing see I fought my way
That’s why I’m proud to say that I’m the Positive K (that’s right)
From Robin Givens down to Michael Bivins
What I’m saying is, everybody gotta make a living
Come on


Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo
Swing it over here yo
It ain’t no crime…