Num Bawon (Remix)
Another Laze production with an even smoother sound
It's 1994 and I'm taking breaking suckers down
To they lowest element, they claim it's irrelevant
That they ain't true artists but they do it for the hell of it
I'm the schizophrenic tenet in your house
And when you pop that sh*t, hurry scurry like a mouse
Suckers getting busted in they teeth when they f**k around
I'll call you Bozo Lollipop 'cause you're a sucker, clown
You're rhymes are just a drizzle and I be weatherwise
Guys p*ssing on they mother like it was DEAD/ALIVE
But step for a battle of snaps and I'll beat you
Your mother's like Bologna but she'll still refuse to meet you
Teaching like a professor but yet the intellectuals
Say my rhyme's divine though it's still ineffectual
Shove your arguments, get in line and take a number, son
I'm the motherf**ker that be number one

Number one on your hit list but also on the playlist
Of the radio stations that promised me they'd play this
Five years in the game yet I still have to answer to
New jack fans looking for sh*t for dancing to
They all disappointed when they hear me start to roll
'Cause I ain't sayin' "Whoot" or "Fiz-uck the hiz-oe"
That ain't mi stylee and I be wondering
Why the drizzle rhymers seem to be thundering
On the charts but yet they started rhyming last month
I'm at a midnight snack you just past lunch
It ain't my fault I ain't speakin' on a blunt or gun
Just to prove the fact that I'm number one

All the fools was acting foolish like it was they job
But year after year I make more hits than the mob
Brothers want to battle on the mic they can shove it
'Cause this is my job and Goddamn it, I love it
Producers hear my tracks and turn a shade of envy green
'Cause have you ever sampled from Stanley Turrentine?
I doubt it you'll get routed 'cause the sh*t that I flip
Is like a stack of fecal pancakes here's my syrup let it drip
Other lyricists are hearing this and p*ssing in they pants
Scared of the small guy in the kick-your-a** stance
Dance if you want to, but let me spin the vinyl
I can work a crowd like college kids at finals
You wanted a piece of me, see what your luck did?
Grab yourself a Stairmaster and step up, kid
When they hear me rhyming, brothers catching woodies: lumber's fun
So chop a cherry tree and lie for number one