Shadow of a Doubt
That night in the asylum, rain hit the roof
Lightning striking in the sky as I was searching for the truth
Ghosts of my past kept creeping
Flying in my face keeping me from sleeping
Visions of the devil flashed in front of me
With each one came a clap of thunder that said it wanted me
I said, "Doctor, the sounds are frightening me"
He told me, "Calm down. It's just the lightning, G."
He must be Satan's helper, I see past the disguise
I have 20/20 vision through all of the Doctor's lies
I look into my eyes in the mirror on the wall
And images of murderers scream out and call
]From beyond the grave, John Wayne Gacy's facing me
"Put 'em in the basement" he says, now I'm pacing, G
I'm in a locked room and I want to get out
Or I'm dead tonight, beyond the shadow of a doubt

Midnight struck and I felt out of luck
Spirits flew around my room and I was still stuck
I couldn't do anything to rid myself of evil
My eyes rolled back in my head when I heard people
Making noise in the hallway, some sort of ruckus
I started banging, "Let me out the door's stuck it's
Locked... get me out damn it!" and the lock rattled
The door flew open and I laid eyes on the battle
Spirits and patients ganging up on the doctors
I heard sirens and the sound of a helicopter
Us people in the robes fled the premises
But the spirits followed us speaking subliminal messages
Nowhere to go but the woods
Trees talked to us be we stuck together like we should
100 patients strong the night that we got out
With each damn tree casting shadows of doubt

We bathed in the rain and dried off in the moonlight
We'd just as soon fight as lose our human rights
But voices from beyond spoke to each of us
Telling us to listen because they were teaching us
By the break of day we were all on our own
But not looking for a telephone or looking for a way home
The voices. The voices were my force
They told me who to kill and how to feel no remorse
I didn't want to do it, I fled
But you can't run away from what's inside your head
I was tired as hell and I didn't want to take no life
But the voices guided me to where to find a knife
I picked it up against my own will: no...
I can't kill... I can't kill! I can... but still
"I want out! I won't do it!" I shout
The voices say: "You will." I will
Beyond the shadow of a doubt

I can't take it no more, the pressure is too much
I'm gonna' kill myself before I kill somebody else
But the people in my head are no longer just voices
They're little tiny beings running and making noises
They jump out of my ears and run all over the place
I know that they're not real but I feel them on my face
Can I get away? Can I leave my mind behind?
It's not like in the movies where everyone else is blind
They all see me cracking and they all are scared of me
And they stare at me, I want to carve them into little pieces, G
No, I won't, I get a hold of myself
I'm physically strong just have bad mental health
I can deal with it, that's my conclusion
And before too long I come up with a solution
I pour hot acid in my ears to burn the bad thoughts out
But they just grow... beyond the shadow of a doubt