Shit’s Tight
Inflation of the blunt rhymes calls for infiltration of the
Front lines, eat a punk like pork rinds
Roll trashy emcees up, puff and pull another toke out
Stomp 'em out like the great american smoke out
I vote against another weeded emcee
Next one I see will be a bleeding emcee
Intensified, I blow up the wack
Fools, make a narcoleptic an insomniac
"Mom he's fat, mom he's fat, let me buy his tape!"
Ten years from now Showbiz'll dig in my crates
'Cause all the dope breaks i have in my room
Japanese bamboo flute? [bamboo flute sample]
Damn, didn't think I would have it
Now every other DJ out there is gonna' grab it
Or give me some records to sample, I don't need those
Cool wit me though, my sh*t's tight like Speedos

Pick up the pieces, puzzle pieces, check the new releases
Ask what the stink is, it's me, I'm the sh*t like feces
I need these rhymes and metaphors
'Cause like Kool Keith said I'll make 'em better for
The break beats I use to fuse with
Kids 'cause they did, pop the f**king lid
Compet**ion has expired like milk in your mama's fridge
You ain't a soap opera, so stop all the drama, kid
Jump out the box like a mug named Jack
Named after what your rhymes are worth, you worthless mack
I got stacks of new material
The inferior will try to get to the interior
Inside I keep the secret laboratory
Like Mad Professor I guess the scrolls are on the second story
Don't bore me with wack production
I will call for destruction sh*t's tight like stuffing

Sh*t's tight like a virgin, you heard men screaming
Possessed by the demon out of Jersey you heard me
With the on-and-off drums, I come correct
Like Alex Trebec catching wreck like a broke neck
Double metaphors affecting how I'm mic checking
One, two, as if I couldn't count
Bounce like a fat check or a fat chick on a trampoline
I trample fiends who deem it necessary to bury bones
Of the skeletons in my closet
I had the beat and lost it
Frost it like a cake with the flavor of the month
Tell me what you want... tell me what you want, don't front
I'll bring you what you desire with no perspire-ation
But I'll lose patience if you ask for G-Funk
F**k the P-funk, I'm coming with the elephant trunk
Of rhymes for your a**, you better catch it hold your mitt tight
Sh*t's tight, sh*t's tight, the sh*t is tight