Verse (Ben Utomo)
Yea I got that sound they wanna hear
Feelin like a champion give me the ring
What u talk about I don’t give a damn
Let em know I do this for my fam

Yea my sound is unusual
Write my rhyme with a visual
Its something u ain't used to
This that real don’t get it confused

Lets face it we all filthy
Im a sinner yea I’m guilty
I just want my whole family
To be prosperous n wealthy
Visionary im a rebel
Never give up when I scramble
Holding on never fumble
Pray the lord keep me humble

Ain't no shame imma overcame
Ma’f**k yo name ma’f**k yo fame
I don’t give damn I still do my thing
Yea I’m d man coz I do my thing

Tank on E they need to fill in
Emptiness is what they’re feelin
I’m just here to make a killin
Stackin money to the ceiling

Yea I’m reachin my destiny

Verse (Laze)
I been dreamin bout this back when i was in my mommas womb
I was born conscious in the amazon, the jungle im surviving
I've been striving to write a better tale fore my life ends
Now i guess im ahead with this fairy tale
Gully boy nailing chicks with pretty nails

I think im so hammered up yall can't touch me
I Just sued a dude that sucker punched me
And im not holding grudge B
I'll let you suckas judge me

Now hear the message that im voicin
Some call it the medicines some call it the poisons
It depends on your dose man
All i do is making music selling clothes man
And giving people hope man

Life's a b*t*h i cheat on her, and yes i did warned her
And now heres karma im sick of this i need a pharmacyst
Eversince i know fame is not painless
Now im on my way to become young rich and nameless

Yea I’m reachin my destiny