Y’all Weak
Verse 1:

What's good?, it’s the same old me with a newer way of thinkin' i'll let y’all see
That's true, my crew too tight got my nemesis sayin' sorry laze you'll always be my homie
That's true. somethin' like hot soup so these broads wanna blow me like i'm not cold..?
Freeze, But the police ain't here, but all eyes (ice) on me like it snows though

And i ain’t from the trap house i’m just dope i leave your woman with a wet blouse
And you break up for the bad cause, i dry her eyes, you dry her p*ssy that is mad lousy
Oh you got a rarri, oh you got a rarri? i dont give a f**k about it cause i be drivin' my momma’s toyota and see how many fly chics i pull up and i can still get some women without it (turn up)


Stop the small talk, cause i told y'all
That i come here just to confront (the war)
If you don't want problem better don't front got it?
Cause honestly..

Y’all weak, y"all weak , Y'all weak 2x

Verse 2:

Here's some my. here's some my
Piece of mind, piece of mind, reason why reason why
Y'all kissin' my...
Isn't i, isn't i a d*ck cause i got balls?
I can separate the real from the frauds i..

Broke their heart to pieces yeah you know
They're more fishy than some fishes yeah you know
Put me in the net my songs are vicious (fishes) Yeah you know
Radio sh*t never please us yeah you know

Ain't no local rappers say it like this
Nah you ain't gotta like this
Y'all more hypebeast than hypebeast
You dont give a f**k about the music but the hype b*t*h
Tell me i ain't right kid, tell me i ain't't right
Ski mask on my face, pitch fork on your neck now tell me i ain't tight


Verse 3:

Yea yea.. what's good?
I don't need a bouquet i use flower (flour) for my dough
What's good?
My clothes too fresh they use my sweat as a soap
What's good?
F**k your instagram and your twitter posts

After fancy lifestyle that you boast, everybody now you broke
And your boat is overload, now you're sinking (syncing) like an ipod, they be copyin' my lyrics all i want is my cut
My god now i'm looking greedy

You know i was real low i was fallin' like it's real love and i need to get back up i got the will like i'm willow
Attention everyone who's still live inside their dream huh
You now sleeping on my pillow
Attention everyone who's still live inside their dream huh
You now sleeping on my pillow