Let You Go
[Produced by Laze]

[Verse 1 : Vargo the Unworthy}
Lately, ain't easy for me to close my eyes and go to sleep
Where's my nice dream? I know this sh*t is new to me
I'm out there doing 9 to 5 hustling, chasing the cream
You know what I do, so it's nonsense if I'm gonna play you
I really miss you right now, why we start making distance?
Matter fact, now you've gone I feel like there's a big hole in my heart
My start was kinda hard but you stayed and gave me guidance
Used to be clueless and questioned my existence
But you picked me up and still believe in me
Like Dre believe in Em, you the ship that I won't miss
You said I'm the one you always wish
We goof around and laugh, we brought each other bliss
On top of that, you made me accomplish something that I never thought
Damn, I found you
You gimme new hope
No skywalker needed
Middle finger for what future hold
Baby you the baddest
Two deep in my whip, we did something explicit
So please gimme one last kiss before I let you go, babe

[Verse 2 : Vargo the Unworthy]
I acted tough in front of you to show you Imma grown man
Our last convo on the phone my blood got boiled so I said okay
And that's it, I lied to you and also myself, damn
I cried till my eyes got puffy and till my nose bleed, f**k
Then I contemplated about us, I reminisced about us
I took you for granted, Imma worthless piece of sh*t
I let you down a million times, disappointed you a million times
Made you cry a million times, why the f**k you still forgive me?
Oh my god, saw you with somebody else really torn my heart apart
Ain't easy to bear the feeling, let you go is f**king hard
Take a lot of shots till I go blank ain't talking about suicide
But my liver will handle this cause I know my heart can't
And I can't hold it no more, so I gotta meet you for the last time
Knocking on your door, begging for some more while I shed tears
Climbing just to plummet when you gave me a cold shoulder
And found out you're not into me no more, so I gotta let you go, bye