3 Way Luv
As we proceed
Laze and Royal
With Ne-Yo
This a hit, with Mr. Smith

[Verse 1: Laze]
I'm caught up in the mix
Slipping' and falling'
Cause my girl's tripping and calling, calling on a hit
It all started with a kiss
But a sip of that Bacardi with the crisp
Had me up on Mami, looking sick
This is 3-way love, this thing is triangular
Still I ain't figured out how I'm gonna explain to her
I used to tell her she was hot as any girl
But you rock a fellas world, so I'm thinking about banging ya
Cause if she knew how I still got it bad with you
Would I end up on a milk carton ad with you?
Over my head now, watching my step
I'm trying not to fall, but I still ain't got it yet
So I guess...

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
I might be over my head
(I'm so over it)
I'm in over my head
(In this 3-way love)
But I kinda like it
This is not what I expected
(Not at all)
Way over my head
(In this 3-way love)
But I kinda like it, I kinda like it
(I don't know what it is)
Yes sir - let's go Royal! -

[Verse 2: Royal]
I can't lie, I like the affection
I love when we fight, and I like the attention
We go head to head, just like an election
Now you make me feel good, yeah it's quite the obsession
I know you had a man when we first met
But I got some words that you ain't heard yet
Me and her, yes, we kinda got a thing
It's been 3 years, yeah we kinda got a flame
I take one out to dinner, the other one to lunch
I can't figure out just which one I want
But if my girl knew, the things that we do
The kissing, the touching, between me and you
I'm so caught up, but I can't stop now
Cause both you and her have my love locked down
I will, but not now, when they say because
I'm too much in love with this 3-way love
(Let's go!)

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
(Let's go Ne-yo!)

[Verse 3: Ne-Yo]
This is so crazy, yet so hard
They're fighting over me in the front yard (yes!)
I don't know who I should root for
But there's one thing that I do know
[Hook: Ne-Yo - 2x]