No One Looks as Good as You in That

Evans Blue

She let it go
The hard feelings and the hardships
Sail away for good
Wave goodbye and wave hello
I'm standing at the shore
Offering you more
Than you could ever want
And I'm just as nervous as you are
I'm just a piece of glass
I'm just a subtle memory
That hasn't fully passed
And I'm strong but I'm weak
I'm hoping you will see
That sometimes you just have to fall apart
To be complete

We wasted the day
We'll never get it back
But let's be honest
Start again
Hello it's me
It's so nice to meet you
Feels like the first time

He let the world go
He left the whole world to see
The sweet part of him
Bite your tongue and bite your nails
I'm just a nervous as you are
To be alone
To be in loving arms again
But me I'm never gonna let go
If I hold you one more time
You let me know?

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