Evans Blue

I heard this crying
I'll wait a minute
'Till the daylight hours
And she'll start telling you

Things that hurt you, just to hurt you
She knows that you're more than she is
And this is where she'll burn
This is where she'll burn!

Out of my eyes!

And I said, "Oh my god"
What's the rush again
Who cares if you're an elegant, watching
Me, I'm hopeless
But this body never dies

And I hope, and I know you
And you're not gonna say a thing
'Cause your mouth
Is too tied up with tongueties
And it makes you burn

Heaven knows there was a lot to give back
But all I really want is just to hold you
I want you right beside me
If heaven falls, and I'm a mile behind you
Maybe you could find a way to love me
And to let all of these things go

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