An Anthem

Evans Blue

Come to me to save your face
The burden's to me
To lift you up
'Cause you are nothing like the rest
Put your hands in my hands and rest
'Cause I won't let you fall apart
My mind is open for you to close
With thoughts of me and how you will never know

I write the bad ideas
That you feel on the inside but I'm
Not right most of the time
So you can feel the outside caving in
I'll doubt you for a change
I doubt you'll go to waste
You're far more braver now than you could ever think

Come to me with open arms
And fold into me
To shut you up
And you might just be the best
With your hair in my hand in a fist
And you're safe right here
This door is open for you to close
So leave to me to become what I will never know

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