The Main Attraction at Our Recovery

Evans Blue

Please don't go to waste
'Cause you don't have my heart to take
I'll be left alone, with the colors unknown
And who you are to me
I'm claiming you completely broke
And you can't outrun the race
While you're holding onto hate

I left my soul
You left your mind
Right from the starting line

And let me go, and let me spark
And I'll find the past lights that we left in the dark
And let me be, and let me out
And I'll be the best light that you found in the dark

And please don't follow me
The tales are greater lies we told
To become the main attraction at our recovery
But you can stand up to the crowd
And scream until your voice is out
To take all this defeat away from me
Away from me, look out

It will make you sick
While your body aches
But you can take your faith
And hold for me

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