Starlight lyrics

Evans Blue

It's pretty to hear the things you say
You’re pretty to watch at all
And as I suffocate I'll serenade you with
Suffering with songs I can't explain
And who sold out more, tell me now
And who said this place is getting restless
And this place is growing more bizarre, like your eyes
Becoming everything, everything
I see when I look at you and your machines, that will speak everything the opposite of
I hope you feel the same way

Starlight in the back of my head
Do you know I use it to wake up, do you?
Ghosts of you that hide away
I’ll use you to wake up

Raise and wave your hands too fast at the villain from Hades ends
I miss the way it was simple, I miss you being simple
So speak to me in words that I can't understand and I'll say you're beautiful
The black outlines your starting points get blurred by everything green like your eyes
Becoming everything
So look a little dizzy for me when you sing your song
I just want you to be the way I want you and no that’s not the same way

Believe me now, I know you well
And far be it from me to save you from this hell
And wanting to keep you away
Just brings you closer and closer to me
I need your starlight in the back of my head
Would you know I use it to wake up, do you?
Ghosts of you that hide away, hide away
I'll use you to wake up, to wake up

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